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Gaurbrahmin.org brings to you top-notch services that will enable you to find the perfect match without having to look at the newspaper and gamble with supposedly suitable people. Our website is safe, secure, and reliable, helping you at every step. However, please note that you have to be a member in order to be able to access the website.

When you sign up for our website you agree to abide by the terms and conditions laid forth for you. To be on the safe side it is recommended that you go through all the terms and understand them. It is also advised that you follow all the guidelines so as to use the website smoothly, without hassle. Please keep in mind that this agreement legally binds you and also that Gaurbrahmin.org holds the right to modify the terms and conditions as and when it sees the necessity.

We oppose and discourage dowry.

A.)   It is mandatory that you abide by the Indian laws of marriage in order to register and be a part of our database. In India, at the current moment, the legal age for marriage for women is 18 years and for men is 21 years. By registering you guarantee that you are of age and also that you are legally allowed to abide by the agreement. You also guarantee that absolutely no law holds you back from getting married. Please note that Gaurbrahmin.org holds the right to terminate your eligibility as well as your present membership in case it is revealed or in case it is led to believe (in any manner) that you have misrepresented your eligibility. Gaurbrahmin.org also holds the right to terminate all services to you immediately.

A.)  1. Gaurbrahmin.org has the right to review any and all activity of every account. Reviews may also lead to blocking accounts if terms and conditions are not met.

2. Upon registration you agree to receive emails, calls, and messages from Gaurbrahmin.org as well as from any of its members for the duration of your association with us. This agreement surpasses any measure that you may have taken such as NCPR (National Consumer Preference Register) and DND (Do Not Disturb). Gaurbrahmin.org will verify all contact details upon registration but will not limit its services to verification. You may receive promotions, enquiries, advertising services, and other related emails, calls, and/or text messages from time to time.

3. Each individual may have only one profile on Gaurbrahmin.org. Gaurbrahmin.org will immediately block and terminate all multiple accounts.

4. Your sole objective on Gaurbrahmin.org should be to promote yourself. Sending junk emails, chain emails, spam, selling products/services of any kind, and buying products/services of any kind are banned. You are also not allowed to use any information that you glean from Gaurbrahmin.org about any member for any purposes including abuse, harassment, and harm. You also, may not use their contact details to get in touch with them unless they agree to it.

5. Any and all automated processes, scripts, and programs are banned on Gaurbrahmin.org and these include CGI and IRC Bots.

6. Gaurbrahmin.org has the right to review all advertisements as well as communication messages that you send to other members. Gaurbrahmin.org also has the right to delete any messages or advertisements if it deems they unfit or indecent without any warning or notice.

7. Every member of Gaurbrahmin.org is requested to take precautions to ensure personal safety and security.

A.) Gaurbrahmin.org holds all rights of the site and the services provided within the site. Only content that comes under public domain (member profile) may be used or copied upon discretion from the respective member(s). Besides that, everything else on the website cannot be copied, published, modified, transmitted, displayed, distributed, sold, and/or bought. Attempting to do so or ending up doing so will lead to immediate termination of the account holder without prior notice. Gaurbrahmin.org may also take legal action if required.

A.)  Your communications and advertisements to and with other members are your responsibility. Gaurbrahmin.org is not obligation to oversee all disputes between members on site. However, it holds the right to do so. Gaurbrahmin.org holds the right to act immediately against inappropriate members but it is not compelled to share its action with any member of the site and this includes the person who has plaintiff(s).

A.) Gaurbrahmin.org will not be liable to anyone for any damages caused through your usage of the site. This includes lost profits, incidental damage, special damages, punitive damages, consequential damages, exemplary damages, as well as indirect damages. Under circumstances of liability for any cause, Gaurbrahmin.org is not liable for any such causes.

A.) Registering on Gaurbrahmin.org implies that you agree to receive emails from Gaurbrahmin.org. You have the freedom to, however, unsubscribe from these emails easily and immediately. Each email sent by us consists of an unsubscribe link that you may click on in order to unsubscribe. You also have the freedom to choose the types of mails you'd like to receive. By registering on Gaurbrahmin.org you authorize that you have read and understood all the aforementioned provisions and also that you agree and abide to all of them unconditionally. You may Contact Us with any and all queries about the Terms and Conditions.