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Late Shri Madan Mohan Sharma sitting in his office

Our Inspiration

Late Shri Madan Mohan Sharma started Gaur Brahmin Seva Samuday in Sabarmati, Ahmedabad in 1994. He worked for the brahmin community selflessly and inspired others to imbibe values of honesty, hard-work and strong and clean character. He wanted to unite brahmin community and encourage them to help each other and work for the welfare of the community. He left us on 22-04-2016 but his words and deeds will inspire us forever

In loving memory of Late Shri M.M. Sharma we are launching this matrimonial website to provide a common global platform for Gaur and Sanadhya Brahmin community, to preserve and promote our culture and help find young girls and boys of marriageable age

Mr. Akash Sharma

Our young community member, Mr. Akash Sharma (S/o Shri Pradeep kumar Sharma) developed this website under the guidance and mentorship of Shri Anant Sharma (S/o Late Shri M.M. Sharma) . This matrimonial website is only for Gaur and Sanadhya brahmins anywhere in the world. We encourage Gaur and Sanadhya Brahmins to register and fill in the matrimonial details to enable others to find you